Kev Walford-Discography 2007-2021

This was my 1 st recording of original material for many years. Recorded in 2006 in Henley ,Suffolk by Mike Briggs. Far Cry were me, Daren Brown-vocals and Andy Bannan-vocals and guitar... Andy and I had met when we were both playing folk clubs in Suffolk and I loved his voice and playing style, so we began to gig together for a while.

1: Willy and the Big Shot

2: Blue Shirt

3: Clowns

4: Real Life

5: Shalom

6 : Look At Me, I'm Falling

7: Mojo Bone

8: Too Long At The Fair

9: Last Train To Startown

10: Madame Roux

11: Sugar

12: Sally Don't Write

13: Standing On A Rock

14: Shalom (alternate version)

(a slightly different version of this cd was released a little later with fewer tracks and the opening song was replaced by "Half Awake"-that was called "Far Cry-The Secret Sessions"-put together by Andy Heasman in 2008)

"7 Songs For 7 Sisters" Recorded by Andy Heasman with Kev Walford, Reb Capper, Andy Bannan ,Daren Brown and Neil Morley-Cello A 7 track c.d. Strange number of songs but I wanted to use that title!!

1: Sail The Wide World Over

2: Coming Of The King

3: 28 Seconds Of Love

4: Shalom

5: Everything Changes

6: When You Get To Avalon

7: Snakes and Water

Ine 2010 Andy Heasman and I recorded a Live e.p.with some of our most popular songs from our gigs, as we were keeping pretty busy back then!!! Tracks included "No Eden Here" and "My, My, My". This project unfortunately never saw the light of day.

A promo single for U.S.A. and Canada recorded in 2012 by Paul Nicholas, video filmed by Adrian Birtwell and backing by John Clarke formely of Romford. During this same period Reb and I also recorded 2 tracks for BBC Introducing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of the 1 st Beatles album in 1962. Local artistes were allocated songs from that album to re-record in their own style-we were given "Misery"....Reb had never heard it before, so she did her own thing-just voice, piano and guitar....absolutely beautiful, and I still live in hope that Backwater records will properly release this soon!!!!

A C O U S T I C S E S S I O N S No. 1

1: When The Hurricane Comes

2: War Of The Worlds

3: Long Time Coming and a Long Time Gone

4: Kathmandu

5: Lost My Fear Of Falling

Our first collaboration-Kev Walford and Kelly Bayfield (was Pritchard....not no more). 5 track cd-2 tracks recorded by Steven Lay, and 3 tracks recorded by Paul Nicholas and a 5 piece band including Art Butler fiddle, Ian Bearcroft-Double Bass and Adrian Day Harmonica.

.A C O U S T I C S E S S I O N S No. 2

.and our follow up e.p.-Acoustic Sessions no 2. First time for both of us recording with David Booth, and the start of a wonderful and creative relationship.

1: Shalom

2: Quicksand

3: Your Buddy Bill

4: Little Eye & Turtle Dove

5: Hold Up

K E V W A L F O R D + K E L L Y B A Y F I E L D W A L K I N '

2017 saw the release of our 1 st full length album. It's me and Kelly and David Booth and a host of lovely friends too. We were very proud of this little chap!!

1: Money Rules In My World Now

2: Charlie Boy

3: Lazy Sailor ftg Mat Bayfield

4: Please,Dont Leave The Gang

5: Walkin'

6: Stray

7: Blessed Are The Heartbreakers ftg: Honey & The Bear

8: Lullabye

9: Blessed Light

10:Everything Changes

11:Rich Man's Held By The Shackles and Chains

K E V W A L F O R D 8 9 % E S K I M O

An interesting project using a basic band of me + David Booth plus Reb Capper and Graeme Tunnock. We then brought in a 10 piece vocal back-up band to sing the choruses and refrains and make the songs more anthemic. A lot of fun to make!!

1: Blue Shoes

2: Loaded

3: No Rice, No Pay

4: Dragonfly Wings

5: T o a d

"A M E R I C A N A R A M A " K E V W A L F O R D

In many ways this is the album I'd wanted to make (almost!) since I was 17. Trademark 3 part harmonies, strong songs and great fun to make, plus a boatload of awesome supporting musicians to help.

1: Shining Man

2: If I Ever Get To Houston

3: So Long At The Fair

4: Jordan

5: Kathmandu ftg Honey and The Bear

6: 128 Seconds Of Love

7: Healing Heart

8: Tennessee Williams ftg David Booth

9: My, My My

10:1100 Miles

11: Sell My Soul To The Blues ftg Emma Spencer

12:Fatty Arbuckle's Blues

13: Milk & Roses


Kev Walford + Mark S.Walford

1: Harvest Home

2: Medicine Man

3: Daddy Was A Pegleg Sailor

4: Roses

5: Shake The Devil Down

6: Witches Breath

Recorded during "lockdown" at home with my son Mark. I had 1 brand new song and 4 that hadn't made it to previous recordings for one reason or another. Mark's managed to capture a different side of me on this batch of toons. (As a matter of interest Mark is a very prolific writer using a keyboard/Native instruments samples and Ableton) We do intend to expand on this work in the fullness of time, but at the time of writing I'm currently in an uncreative abyss!!!!!et

So, about this Lockdown business.....Don't know about you, but it's left me in a strange place. We haven't gigged for ages and I really miss that whole social side that goes with that. I have a major Birthday coming up this year, and am now seriously thinking about no longer recording/writing/performing in my own right. It is sometimes an uphill struggle, and I'm thinking of just continuing as a backing musician to other artistes as I do that pretty well and think that perhaps stopping or at least taking a break from the creative side might be a good thing to do. I'll have to get back on that one as I'm just kicking it around at the mo. KEV XX

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