Don't Try This At Home!

Well we’ve been a part of History in the making this year I think with Covid 19, and although it’s not been particularly fun, I do believe it’s made us all appreciate what we do have in our lives, and what is important. Our granddaughter Sia arrived with us early March to go to Cuba with Joyce for a holiday which was subsequently cancelled of course, and then our son Mark joined us in April.

Father Son

Mark does his own music under the name Kephera, using Ableton programme and Native Instruments sampled sounds-mainly instrumental for soundtracks and music libraries, and more recently including some vocal tracks also. So when he arrived here, cos we got bored quick-he began to record some of my songs with me playing guitars and piano and singing and then he added all the interesting bits. Some of these songs are brand new and some are a little older-but he’s worked like a bastard arranging and mixing/mastering these toons. Our original intention was to try and do some songs together-writing and arranging-that hasn’t happened yet cos these songs took up our time, but we hope eventually that we can actually do a “proper” collaboration together of a more experimental nature (think Fionn Regan/Bon Iver ) where we can utilise ideas from both of our musical worlds.

However, because it’s been such a “special” time and we’ve all been thrown together I want to use this material as a record of that, so this music will be my next official release.( I know I haven’t promoted and gigged my current cd “Americanarama” yet, but that’s hardly my fault hey!!!)

This new cd will be called “Don't Try This At Home!” by Kev Walford + Mark Walford and will be released and made available as soon as I can finalise the artwork and PRS paperwork etc,.

People who know me, also know that I normally record at the Recording Booth with David Booth and the Gang, but we were unable to do that of course, because of lockdown restrictions- and because of the unusual circumstances surrounding this recording, it feels a necessary and important thing to have this batch of songs stand as they are. Also it’s a great memory for me, cos Mark and I have not really worked together like this before, so that was also cool. So there you go. I should have used photos of us with masks on..!!

I’d like to thank David & Chris Farthing, Jon Hart, Carl Best, Ray Blease, Dennis Conroy and Graeme Tunnock for their advice and great feedback on the above, was really helpful.

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