Kelly Bayfield-"Transformation"-new c.d.

Elo. So look, it's July next week, and I haven't seen anyone since early March!!

Below are a few photo memories taken by some good friends over the years-Sam Thurlow, Chris Haste, Tony Bell, John Heald

Anyway, I have a little story:- Kelly Bayfield and I first met back in 2012 at a Music seminar in Ipswich, and very soon after that started doing some singing and collaborating together which worked very easily and naturally, and we found that we had a great chemistry together (which is actually really hard to find). So come 2013 we started to record and collaborate properly on songs and started to do regular gigs, Festivals, Radio shows and lots of other ventures and started to build a reputation in the area and becoming a stronger team as we went.

During this period-about 2016 we were lucky enough to get involved with Jon +Lucy Hart doing some gigs together and also as a 4 piece unit- "Steamboat Union" which was great and gave us room to play around with the vocals and arrangements a little more, and also when Kelly started to focus more on her own songwriting skills again, as we were a group made up of 4 seperate songwriters.

After Kelly’s marriage to Mat Bayfield a couple of years ago, we were also able to become part of the joyful “Bayfield Booth (Big Band)”-although Mat and David were essentially a duo, it stood to reason that when we could we should all play together just for the sheer fun of it-and this union (via David Booth) also lead

to us becoming Drew Young’s U.K.Band when he was touring Europe (this also included David and Kilbey from the Big Band) …as we really liked Drew and our sound just naturally seemed to fit right in with his music, although quite different to the band he plays with in New Orleans!!

So, finally, it was natural that Kelly would finally want to make an album in her own right and she is now working on material with David Booth to that end.

Of course, all musicians are currently struggling worldwide since the “Lockdown” earlier this year has effectively killed off our employment, but trying to press on Kelly currently has a Crowdfunder page in order to get this recording off the ground, so that hopefully, when gigs start up again later in the year, she’ll be prepped and ready with a finished cd to promote. It would be a massive help if anyone can help promote or support this venture at this time as we know Kelly’s a great and unique talent. Here's the link-

When I wrote and recorded “Jordan (The Glory Road)” on my solo album earlier this year, it’s all Kelly…..we wanted to try and show off her voice and what she can do…and I know her completed going to be wonderful-cos she and Mr Booth won’t put it out until it’s good!!!

Cheers and hopefully catch you soon…….Kev x

The Max Hayfield Quartet-The Froize, N.Y.E. 2017

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