Glass Half Full

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Kev Walford

What trying times….and what a drastic and unexpected turn of events for us all. Just shows how strange life can be when you least expect it hey. Everyone’s life has changed in just a matter of a couple of weeks and at this stage of course, we have no real idea of the long term effects this will have on us all. There is a couple of bright sides to this, as I don’t believe we’ll ever take much for granted again-simple things like shopping, chatting to friends in the street, driving somewhere on a whim and nipping into a pub for lunch and a couple of pints!! We’ll really appreciate these things when this virus has finally dissipated.

Something else too- I really love walking the streets in the middle of the day, but it feels like an early Sunday Morning…..hardly any traffic, birds singing….no noise…it’s all quite calming actually. This is the positive side-next month I might do a “glass half empty”…then you’ll be depressed!!

the 89% Eskimo, Reb Capper and Graeme Tunnock

Anyway, in small ways our lives go on. All our gigs have been shelved until further notice, David’s busking online, Honey and the Bear are doing a weekly podcast, we don’t know when we’ll see Drew Young again as he holed up in New Orleans- but there is music available for those who miss their fix. So my cd “Americanarama” that we made available on cd in February (that seems a long way back!) will be available for download on all major sites (ie: Spotify, i-tunes, Amazon….all that lot) from today (27/3) rumour has it. So if anyone’s interested, there it will be and I also have copies of C.D’s of that and “89% Eskimo” that wasn’t previously available-just e mail me if you’d like a copy of either of those ( I’m really proud of both of these recordings actually-I mean just from a personal note we’ve learned that you can only please yourself when you’re recording-when we’re happy with the recordings we put them out-it doesn’t mean anyone else is going to like ‘em. We tried to make Americanarama as diverse as we could so that each song was different than the one that precedes it. For 89% Eskimo- that was slightly different-cos we had 5 x very hooky songs and I had the idea that emphasising the choruses and vocal refrains with 10 extra voices would give this e.p. a different feel….and for me it REALLY works!! It was a joyous experience singing with all these lovely folk and those voices do lift the songs, which is what we intended. Well done David Booth on that tricky score. Erm…..if anyone wants hard copies of either of these cd’s just let me know-there will be NO COST as we’re all struggling a bit at the moment….Right?

The Americanarama Team- David Booth, Kelly Bayfield and Monsieur Valford

I really wish everyone the best of health over the coming months and trust that we’ll all come out the other side of this scary and annoying situation a little wiser, and maybe a little more caring too. I miss friends I haven’t seen in what feels like ages and look forward to Sunny times ahead. My dog and I are completely pissed off with each other’s company by now, b.t.w. Love to all. Kev xx

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