Kev Walford-"Americanarama"

Kev Walford + Kelly Bayfield Band At Maverick Festival 2019 with Andy Trill (Lead Guitar),

David Booth (Drums + Vox) and Kilbey (Bass + Vox)

So we have 2 pieces of news from our camp-firstly Kelly and I are having a break from gigging as a duo for a while as we’ve started moving in slightly different directions lately and so Kelly’s going to focus on her own songwriting together with David Booth and has now started work on a solo album and set of solo gigs.

We had been working on our 2 nd album for the past 6 months or so which is now going to be my album instead but obviously will include quite a bit of input from Kelly too. We will of course still be working together as part of Drew Young’s and the Bayfield Booth big band but in the meantime I wanted to try and focus my own music in a particular direction-which is Americana music hence the album title.

We’re really pleased at how this is going as Kelly and I have continued our working partnership with David Booth @ the Recording Booth in Bedfield but we’ve also been able to bring in some outstanding contributions from other musical friends whom we greatly admire including Finn Collinson (Alto Recorder), Mark Stuart (Dobro Slide and Electric Guitar) Jonathan Edwards (Cello), Adrian Day (Harmonica) Andy Trill (Electric Guitar) Ella Spencer (Vocals) James Hutchinson (Electric Guitar) and we’ve redone “Kathmandu” from our 1st e.p. with “Steamboat Union” guesting on vocals-that’s me + Kelly Bayfield with Jon + Lucy Hart.

In addition to David’s usual playing all drum and Bass parts plus Banjo. Tenor Guitar and various other guitar parts-he’s actually performing the brass band parts on 1 song also!!

“Americanarama” we think will be credited as Kev Walford Band as we had such an awesome band with us when we played at Maverick Festival this year it seems only fair to bill this recording as such. This will be a 13 track cd which sounds a lot but 2 of the songs are very short as I got a bad case of the “Abbey Roads” while we were recording!! Looking at possible release date of November but certainly before Xmas methinks. So hey ho and in the meantime try and look out for Kelly solo gigs and also our lovely pals Honey and The Bear who tour to promote their awesome album starting October. ...and that's all for now as I need to go and buy a new car. See you all..Kev

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