Walkin' Away (Away)

Hello July 2018. Well, Kelly and I finally released our 1 st album proper, and had a wonderful cd launch night at the beautiful Froize restaurant in Chillesford with a full band- me and Kelly plus David Booth of course, Jonathan Evans joined us on Cello, Kilbey on bass and Mat Bayfield on vocals. We had Fern Teather doing the sound for us, and a lovely job too-she seems to have become our “go to” sound person now!!! Big thank u to all of you who ventured out to the gig and we hope that you like the c.d. We were talking about this last week though-we write the songs as best as we can until we’re happy with them, then we arrange and record them and bring in the musicians we want to play on them, and at the end of it all, we end up with a piece of work that we’re proud of. It doesn’t necessarily mean anyone else is going to like it….but we just do what we can and hope for the best!!!!

Drew Young

We were lucky enough to work as a backing band at the Maverick Festival this year for 2 x visiting American musician-Drew Young from New Orleans, and Amy Lott from Mississippi, and they were both lovely and talented and we had a ball-that band was me and Kelly and David, with Graeme Tunnock on Bass, and Mark Stuart on lead guitar, and we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to work again with these lovely folk over the next 12 months.

Currently as we speak, David Edward Booth is promoting his own solo album-“Away, Away” which is, to my mind, his best recording to date-a lovely album. Search it out and give it a listen. So gigwise, this is just David with me and Kilbey, but it’s a tight little sound and we like it. However, it wasn’t planned, but it does look like we’ve suddenly become a Music Collective-where there’s a group of us who all get on well and are writing and recording together under various guises, and it’s quite exciting, cos who knows where it’ll all lead down the road??

So David is just finishing off the mixes to “89% Eskimo”-which is my 5 track ep, the band being me, Reb Capper, Graeme Tunnock , David Booth and Jonathan Evans on Cello, together with the “Eskimo Chorus” which includes Keith and Anna Sadler, Fern Teather, Sam Thurlow,Vicky Platt, Dan Cozens, Mat and Kelly Bayfield:

-and ridiculously I have another 5 songs I’d like to record with the same or similar line-up and that will be “Matahari’s Sister”. These are all little side-projects to what Kelly and I are doing presently, as it looks like we may have an exciting few months ahead still…….Bayfield/Booth are working on songs for their 1 st full album-that’s David and Mat Bayfield….and Kelly and I are also working on songs for our next project/album wherever that may take us!!! It is so nice to be surrounded by all these superb talents though…couldn’t think of a nicer place to be.

l to r: Drew Young, Kelly, Amy Lott, Reb Capper, Mat, David, Graeme, Kev, Kathy.

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