Kev Walford + Kelly Pritchard (Bayfield) New Album (at bloody last!!!) "W a l k i n' "

May 2018: where does the time go!!???? Last weekend Kelly and I played at the Riverside Theatre in Woodbridge to a packed house-together with the mighty voiced Jess Simmons, our good friends Fern Teather and Sam Thurlow, and Bayfield Booth. It was a packed house of course, because Mat Bayfield was making a welcome return to the stage after a lengthy absence due to ill health. However, he’s now back, and creative and fighting fit which is really cool…but David Booth and Mat have been working hard the last few months and putting together a set that they can now start to gig around the area (Kelly and me and Kilbey helped with backing vocals and guitars too-and we had such a memorable night!!!)

Bayfield Booth Big Band -l to r:- Kev, David Booth, Kilbey with an E, Mat Bayfield and Kelly.

Anyways, we have finished our album and we are very proud of it-11 songs in all composed by me and Kelly except for 1 x old song “Please, Don’t Leave The Gang” which goes back to 1970 and was written with my old band (“South Cheyenne”- Walford/Alexander/Blease), and all arranged by me, Kelly and David Booth cos David’s become an integral part of our little unit now, although he’s already tied-up with his own solo album and the new Bayfield/Booth project-we don’t bloody care!! The album’s called “Walkin’ “ after our song, but also because the song’s become associated with Mat and Kelly’s walk and talk events in aid of the Brain Tumour charity, and also because that song was written about my own struggles with mental health issues, and being able to get through that (although a lot of people don't think I have got through it quite yet!!!)

Kev and Kelly with Jon Hart and Lucy Sampson (Honey and the Bear) who are guesting on the album.

We are planning our c.d.launch next month at the lovely Froize Restaurant in Chillesford,thanks to David Grimwood, and will be supported by Bayfield Booth doing only the second of their public performances, and Kelly, David and I will be joined by Jonathan Evans on cello who has played on a few tracks on this album, and we’re really pleased to have him along with us-as you know- cello makes anything sound good, and Kilbey on bass, who’s a pleasure to work with cos he doesn’t need to rehearse!!! We’re currently working on cd covers with Tony Bell and his team, and then Mr Bongo playing Thurlow is going to sort the artwork for us, cos he’s good, and we’ve got to be bloody damn quick with it all too!! We thrive on this pressure actually..well, I don’t-but Kelly lives for it-as I prefer to just sit around all day in the Sun.

The Froize Restaurant, apart from being one of the busiest and best restaurants in Suffolk, have an extremely busy music programme booked for June,so our gig might just slip by unnoticed, but David and Louise have very kindly been able to slot us in anyway for Friday June 22nd. We think this is going to be a very special night amongst friends and to this end, although this defeats the object of having a cd launch in a way, anyone who turns up to this event will be given a FREE copy of our brand new cd.

Kelly + Kev David Booth

Track listing for the album is as below for anyone who’s interested in this stuff-but we do have quite a few of our live set regulars finally recorded:

1: Money Rules in My World Now ftg: Jonathan Evans on cello

2: Charlie Boy ftg: Art Butler-cajun fiddle

3: Lazy Sailor ftg: Mat Bayfield vocal, Art on violin

4: Please Don’t Leave The Gang

5: Walkin’

6: Stray ftg: Jonathan Evans on Cello

7: Blessed Are The Heartbreakers ftg: Honey and the Bear on vocals

8: Lullabye

9: Blessed Light

10: Everything Changes ftg: Jonathan Evans on cello

11: The Rich Man’s Held By

The Shackles & Chains

We’re really pleased with the album and how it’s turned out and hope you will be too. Look forward to seeing you during the Summer and it’d be lovely if you can make the cd launch too!!!!!!

Kev + Kelly x

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