89% Eskimo-the new mini album:

So while Kelly Pritchard and I have been taking a break from our music for the last few months I wanted to be doing something creative. The original plan was to have 5 songs of mine but with a different singer for each of them, and to this end my good friend and talented songwriter Dan Cozens, helped me work on an arrangement and did lead vocal for “Toad” back in December, then I got Graeme Tunnock to add some great bass lines, and David Booth to add drum tracks and extra guitar to these songs and started working with Reb Capper on one of them, but as so often happens with these things all of a sudden the project started to find its’ own direction, and we found that the vocal arrangements between Reb, David and myself really worked well. So what we now have is Reb singing lead on “No Rice, No Pay”, we’ve done a duet on “Dragonfly Wings”, and the remaining three songs “Loaded”, “Toad”, and “Blue Shoes” have the 3 of us singing together.

(left:- Graeme, Kev and The Gretsch!)

As we speak, Jonathan Evans is adding cello parts to 3 of these songs, and then nearer the end of this month we’ve been able to get together some very gifted singing buddies (hopefully all in 1 room singing at the same time, and hopefully in harmony!!!) to sing all the choruses and hooks with us-including Keith + Anna Sadler, Fern Teather, Sam Thurlow (sam doesn’t sing!!!! Actually, yes he does…and he’s got a great voice!!) Kelly and Mat Bayfield, Vicky Platt (Ipswich based jazz singer, and really good) Dan Cozens, Mr Booth and meself, and Mrs Booth if she’s feeling brave enough on the day. So I’m very excited about this little project cos in a way it’s come together from nothing really….and I think it’s gonna be really great.

I’d like to thank Dan Cozens in this regard, cos he was the first one to get motivated , help me with the arrangement and lyric amendments, and get me in the studio quick….

David Booth- Reb Capper-

So, the other cool thing for me is that this is very much a band project-everyone’s ideas have helped to make the songs take shape and direction-the basic band being me, of course, on vocals, guitars and keyboards with Graeme Tunnock-Bass Guitar, all bass patterns are Graeme’s own and really drive these songs along; Reb Capper(courtesy of Backwater Records, Ipswich) vocals and keyboards-and her solo vocal on “No Rice” is just beautiful and some little ad-libs thrown in at the end, plus a horn arrangement she worked out for “Loaded” played by David; …and David Booth for all drums and percussion, electric guitar, and horns….and lots of other ideas bandied about between us, including Cello parts, shouting bits and handclaps.

This mini album is nearly finished…a very fast piece of work which was nice, and will be mixed and mastered in May for release in Summer sometime!! Kelly Pritchard and I have our 1 st full album out hopefully before this, and will advise release date of that little baby first I think.

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