2018 (what...already!!!!)

2018-Kev Walford + Kelly Pritchard Music:

Hello. It’s February already!!! That was quick. Anyways, and finally, Kelly and I have finished our album which is just being mixed and mastered by our good friend David Booth at his lovely new studio in the middle of nowhere. We’ve been working with David for a year on this cd, and his input and creativity and general good humour have been just awesome, and we do consider him to be an integral part of our little group now. Nextly we’ve gotta sort out artwork and some other promotional twoddle and get some nice gigs together for when the album is ready for release. However, Kelly got married to Mat Bayfield last month, so we have to try and think of a new group name!!! We are currently having a little break while all the above gets sorted, and allow Mat and Kelly to move into their new house later this month, and also give Mat time to complete his own recordings with David Booth (Bayfield/ Booth) beginning with their single release on 14th Feb-“Magic Man” and some other exciting things happening over the coming months for them too.


Mat Bayfield + Kelly...was Pritchard, now Bayfield

So, in the meantime I’ve just been walking the dog and keeping to myself…………nah, that’s not true…I can’t stop myself……so, back in December, David and I started working on a new project called: “89% Eskimo” which is just taking shape. I’m very fortunate to be working (finally) with my lovely and talented pal-Reb Capper on these 5 x songs, together with Graeme Tunnock who’s added some awesome bass lines to these songs and will be responsible for the artwork which is lovely. ( Reb is currently working on her own new album with Stephen Mann at Backwater records in Ipswich, and has her 1 st single from that out in late March-“Stupid, Crazy Love”….and it’s beautiful and radio friendly!!) www.backwaterrecords.com www.rebcappermusic.com

R e b C a p p e r

So Reb and I are back in the studio in mid-March to finish the vocals, then hopefully just add some little touches-cello, piano and some interesting percussion bits, and then…..and this for me is the other exciting part of this project-cos these songs are pretty catchy, I’ve asked the following lovely folk to come into David’s studio-altogether and at the same time (yeah…I’m sure that’s gonna happen!!!!) and do big vocal choiry things on the choruses:- Keith Sadler, Fern Teather, Jon Hart, Lucy Sampson, David Booth, Reb and Kelly + Mat (of course). So, that’s the plan……aaaaagh. Wishing everyone a late but happy new year and hope to see you at a gig over the coming months. God knows what we’ll be called though………

Kev x

J o n H a r t, L u c y S a m p s o n, K e v W a l f o r d + K e l l y P r i t c h a r d

a r s i n g a r o u n d a t M a v e r i c k F e s t i v a l 2 0 1 7

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