Lazy Sailor

Hello. So we’re just taking a short break from gigging while we put the finishing touches to our album that we’ve been recording at David Booth’s studio since Spring. This was originally going to be our 3 rd e.p. but we ended up with so many ideas we decided to make it an 11 track album.

Kelly and David and I are really pleased with this recording and how it’s taken it’s own shape during recording. Well, it’s not just putting the songs down, it’s the pooling of ideas during the process that makes this such a collaborative piece of work.

So Kelly and I are doing guitar, vocals, keyboard and bohdran, and David is playing Bass,Percussion, drums,mandolin, banjo, slide and electric guitar.

We’re also fortunate to have some wonderful guest musicians joining us too-Jonathan Evans –Cello on “Money Rules”,”Everything Changes” and “Stray”- Art Butler –(of Aartwork) on fiddles-“Lazy Sailor”, and “Charlie Boy”-Mat Bayfield of the “Broadside Boys” joining us to sing lead on the traditional piece “Blood Red Roses” segueing into “Lazy Sailor”.( I have warned Mat about this segueing business-but he won’t listen!!) and our lovely friends from “Steamboat Union”-Jon Hart and Lucy Sampson (“Honey & The Bear) vocals on “Blessed Are The Heartbreakers”. This is the first recorded song by ”Steamboat Union” so far, as we’ve done quite a few gigs as a 4 piece this year, but had no time to record anything yet. One Day……. Maybe…….

So we have 1 more song to finish vocals on-“Rich Man”….then we have to do artworky stuff, and then cd is ready for release. Yippeee….I think all being well will probably be February now-but actually, that’s quite soon hey??


Money Rules In My World Now

Blood Red Roses/ Lazy Sailor



Charlie Boy

Blessed Are The Heartbreakers

Everything Changes


Blessed Light

Please, Don’t Leave The Gang

Rich Man.

We need a title for the album too….any suggestions anybody???? My thought was “Lazy Sailor”- but I think Kelly prefers:” Miss Kelly Pritchard supported by Ken and Dave”.

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