David Booth and his Magic Touch!!!

Mat Bayfield, Kev Walford & Kelly Pritchard-photo courtesy of John Heald

Kelly Pritchard and I are in the final stages of finishing our 1 st Album together, and it’s very exciting for us. Having previously released 2 x 5 track e.p’s that we were quite proud of-an album’s a whole different ballgame cos you have to try and keep people’s interest over a much longer period, and that’s tough. When we write songs now, we’re always aware that some people might only ever get to see and hear us once in their lives, so we strive to make each song at least a little memorable. So this album is going to feature songs that we’ve been performing together over the last 2 years and that have taken shape during that time-to this end we’ve been really lucky to be recording with David Booth at his studio-The Recording Booth in Debenham. David’s an awesome musician and a gifted songwriter, and he seems to know exactly what Kelly and I are trying to achieve with our recordings, and has played and arranged all the rhythm tracks and added some wonderful touches of mandolin, banjo, slide guitar, table leg etc, together with some great ideas which he has brought to fruition for us.

So, for this album, in addition to D.B’s contributions, we also have BearHoney and The Bear guesting on vocals on 1 song, Mat Bayfield of the Broadside Boys on another, and Art Butler of Aartwork adding his fiddle to a couple of songs . CD probably wont be ready for release until Jan/Feb 2018 as we also need to get a run of gigs to coincide with the release date-plus I’ve just written a brand new song for Kelly to sing, and it’s really hot off the press but I’d like to include it if we can…..and we’re in a bit of a quandary as we’re thinking of recording a cover song for inclusion also as it’s a song we’ve been playing live for the last year, always gets a great response, and suits Kelly’s voice….song is “ On A Bus To St Cloud” a Gretchen Peters song-and I think we would do it with just guitar and cello to let Kelly’s voice ring through cos the lyrics are beautiful. So, not sure on that one yet……….other tracks recorded are as below for anyone who knows our live shows and is remotely interested:

Money Rules In My World Now

Blood Red Roses (trad.)/ Lazy Sailor (ftg. Mat Bayfield-Vocals + Art on Fiddle)



Charlie Boy (ftg Art Butler on fiddle)

Blessed Are The Heartbreakers (ftg Honey and the Bear-Vocals)


Kilimanjaro (Everything Changes)

Please Don’t Leave The Gang

Blessed Light

Plus the brand newie-Snakes & Stones (all being well…..!!)

Looking for an apt album title now too. Cheers Kev x

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