Steamboat Union-2017

from left to right (and in order of height..) kev, Kelly, Lucy, Jon:

This is a brand new band made up of 2 duos-me and Kelly Pritchard, and Honey and the Bear (Lucy Sampson + Jon Hart). and we got together when we were booked to do a couple of gigs together last year, and Lucy suggested that maybe we could all get together as a 4 piece to end the set with a couple of songs…which we did-and we were blown away with the sound, also there is SO much potential here cos we’re all songwriters and are able to pool ideas together very easily. Jon and Lucy are also multi-instrumentalists, and they don’t have those horrible egos you normally get with extremely talented people. Anyways, we’ve done a few gigs this year where we both do our duo sets, and end with all 4 of us playing together-but we were approached by Maverick Festival to play a couple of sets there this year as a 4 piece only-which is a great honour, but we needed a name to perform under. Everyone knows these days how tough that is!!!! We must have gone through about a hundred when Lucy suggested Steamboat Union- as the Steamboat pub in Ipswich is where we all first met many moons ago. So there we are. As we are very new, we’re not starting recording until next month-but some of the new songs these lovely folk have cobbled together are just awesome and deserve to be heard. I think, anyway. (I am a little bit biased)

When I was a young boy and playing in my 1 st “proper”band, one of the guys-Stan Alexander- came back from holiday in Canada in 1969 with an album by a brand new group-"Crosby Stills + Nash". This was an awesome debut album-very acoustic and beautiful harmonies. It wasn’t a million miles away from what we were already playing back in Liverpool at the time-but in retrospect, it’s a sound I’ve continually tried to emulate since. I think we really nail that with this current line-up and am very pleased and proud to be associated with it and the opportunity to work with these amazing talents.

So….onward and downward, then. Kev x

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