Adventures with David Booth

Kelly Pritchard and I have just been mapping out our music plans for this year, and it's starting to look quite exciting again for us,which is lovely, as she's great fun to work with and a great professional who's keen to promote what we do together whilst also honing her own skills and extending them as we move along, including her songwriting skills. So, this year,we plan to introduce a couple of Kelly's new songs into our sets too. We have also been talking about the possibility of an album of cover songs too....Dangerous territory when we're struggling to keep our set as full of original songs as we can-but Keith Sadler recorded and released Paul Simon's "Hearts and Bones" last year and we have also done "Jolene" with Honey & The, what the Hell, perhaps.

We are currently pushing Acoustic Sessions 2 very hard and working on a video of 1 of those songs to help promote the cd further. Also nearing completion of "Acoustic Sessions no.3" I say nearing completion as David Booth who is recording this cd for us is also adding Drums, percussion, bass, mandolin, banjo and some slide guitar...that's a lot hey!!!! he's also recorded a friend playing cello on 2 songs. We're hoping to add fiddle on a couple of songs, and some guest singers...and then we're done, although we're not expecting to release this one until May/June ish. David's also in the throes of doing a new cd of his own toons...and we're hoping to be asked to add some harmonies to a couple of those cos he's great to work with!!!

This, over here is Kelly at our cd launch end of 2016, which I didnt wanna do much, and turned out to be a great and informal night with a lovely crowd of great friends. So, I was wrong again, hey!!

Also, on the 1 st March I have an e.p."The Devon Sessions" released, which is me playing with a different set of musicians- John "Daddio"Clarke from Kent, Katie Whitehouse and Paul Hussell (cello) from Totnes. Called the Devon sessions, cos that's where we all first met in 2011, and have been sporadically working on and off since. I'm pleased with this set of songs as they're quite different to what Kelly and I do together. John's responsible for the arrangements, so if you dont like's completely his fault!!.

.....and not stopping there-I've been working with a wonderfully talented bloke for the last 3/4 years-Dacre Peck a Suffolk based Drummer and occasional singer/songwriter. He started recording some of my songs about 2 years back, and this has been a "work in progress" since-but I really like what we've done together. I did the basic tracks- Guitar and vocal + a harmony here and there-and everything else, Dacre has added. Really cool way to work for me. Very relaxed sessions with little mice like creatures running around their cages, and pigeons cooing down the chimney while we were recording, all adding to the ambience!!..These toons will hopefully be released later this year also under the title "Ceol"....which is Gaelic for music....which is what it is. I'm trying not to let these other projects interfere with what Kelly and I are currently doing tis all a bit of a balancing act....but all great fun too, as I just like to keep busy and work with as many wonderful talents as will allow me to.

On the right-me and Dake-pic by our talented pal-Sam Thurlow.

Kelly and I have been lucky enough in the last 3 months to be doing some gigs with our good friends-"Honey and the Bear"-exceptional Suffolk duo, and our 4 voices just work great together. I love this as it has SO much potential, and also because nobody has an ego. That's really refreshing to find with such amazing talents. I'm sure we'll get probs eventually when we have to decide whose songs we're playing though!!!!! aaaagh.....and here again, we have to make sure that this project doesn't have any negative impact on what we're trying to achieve as duos also. Hey ho!!!! For me, though....I feel very priviledged to be living in this area and having so much awesome music and musicians around us.Anyways, Onward and downward then....Kev x

l to r: Kelly,Lucy Sampson, Jon Hart, Kev. This unit to be known as "Steamboat Union" when we gig as a 4 piece-as that's the name of the Pub where we first met!!!

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