Kev Walford-The Devon Sessions

Kev Walford. Liverpool singer/songwriter now based in Suffolk and is currently recording, collaborating and gigging with Kelly Pritchard as "Kev Walford & Kelly Pritchard".They are currently working on their 3rd e.p. in the trilogy of “Acoustic Sessions" with David Booth at his lovely studio in Debenham

The recordings on this e.p. -The Devon Sessions, however, feature Kev writing and performing with other musicians, and this particular selection was recorded together with some talented folk he met whilst attending a songwriting workshop in 2011. The following year Kev went down to Totnes to rehearse and record some songs with Paul Hussell-Cello, Katie Whitehouse-Vocals, flute and percussion and John “Daddio” Clarke –voice and Guitar. These ended up being done as a live session in the studio as it felt more real to do it that way. One of the songs from that session –“McCullens’ Lair” is included on this e.p. (together with a free download of the song “Rattlin’Bones” from the same session) …kev says “This is a song I wrote about my Dad, just after he passed away having suffered with Alzheimers for about 8 years. Very personal song for me. I love Paul’s cello line on this. The vocal hook in the song “Harry’s on the cover of the Rolling Stone” refers to Prince Harry who seemed to be on the front of every newspaper and mag while I was up and down to Liverpool trying to make funeral arrangements…just became a prevailing image for me.

Not long after the Devon studio session John and Kev began working on the arrangements of some of his other songs (did about a dozen, actually) so, Kev would lay down the basic track, then John would arrange the track and add his bits and pieces and send across to Katy in Devon who’d add harmonies and other little ideas. E.P. includes "1100 Miles" with a beautiful string arrangement by John, "Shining Man" with its' Pub Chorus,"The Bride Ran Backwards" and the cajun-flavoured "Mojo-Bone".

Katie Whitehouse-Vocals

John Boy-Guitar, Vox, Arrangements

Finally we sent them across to Chris Graham in Columbus, Ohio for mastering. Kev’s son Mark did the artwork, and finally, after 6 years of dragging our heels -here we are.

E.P. will be available from Mar 1st 2017

This is a different kind of songwriting and arrangements than the music he’s currently performing with Kelly, and makes for an interesting listening experience because of that. Kev’s already been picked up on as a writer to watch out for, so- give these songs a listen…see what you think.

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