2017-Year of the Sloth:

Hello. So Kelly and I have a new website and thought I'd better do a quick blog update on what's been happening for us over the last few months, and more excitingly, what's gonna happen this year!! We had an awesome 2016....musically was just wonderful, and we're hoping for some more of that this year too, please God. I have been behaving myself, and have not sworn very much at all this year, so far.

While Kelly's been tied up through January working with Mat Bayfield of the Broadside Boys on his extremely successful charity walk + talk each day of the month around Suffolk towns and villages,I've been working on new material and trying to finish off the old......so, currently me and Kelly and David Booth are working on "Acoustic sessions no 3"-the last one in this series. David is currently adding banjo, mandolin, percussion and bass plus a possible bit of slide guitar to this, and a friend of his is adding some cello parts too. When that's done, we hope to have the Broadside Boys contribute their vocals to one song, Art Butler of the wonderful Aartwork to add fiddle to at least one song, and possibly the luvly "Honey and the Bear" to add their harmonies to 1 song. We also hope to be doing a little more singing with them as a 4 piece during the year....really love doing that cos they're so good, and absolutely ego-free. An unusual combination, and a lovely one to work with.Who knows though, why all the singers I'm lucky enough to have around me are all extremely tall folk!!!! I've also just completed (finally!!!) "The Devon Sessions" which has been recorded over the last 4 years with Katie Whitehouse, and Paul Hussell from Totnes, where Adrian Birtwell now resides too!!, and Mr John "Daddio"Clarke from Faversham-an extremely gifted arranger..We'll be updating our gig schedule for 2017 over the next couple of weeks and are looking forward to getting moving along. I've also been back working with the lovely Dacre Peck on songs he and I have been kicking around over the last 2 years and that will be made available as "Ceol"...which isnt a group name, apparently is Gaelic for Music-and we thought would be a good collective title to get these songs out under so it doesnt conflict with what Kelly and I are doing. Oh....just need a nice photo of us to use as the Home page for this website, and that should be sorted shortly too. Hope every one has an awesome year this year, and tank oo for all the great support last year you lovely folk who know who you are!!!! cheers Kev.

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