Acoustic Sessions # 2

Hi again...Well, Kelly Pritchard and I have had an extremely busy and interesting year so far, and it's been a lot of fun. Lots of plans and stuff coming up for us too over the next few months-starting with our 2nd collaborative a duo-Acoustic Sessions no.2 which is completed and as soon as the artwork is sorted will be going off to the printer man. We're very pleased with the recording as it's different to the 1st e.p which is what we were aiming for, and we got to work with David Booth who, apart from being a very talented and all round nice guy, added some great ideas, and playing too. Lovely studio to work in and a great vibe to work in too- in fact, I think Kelly wants to move in there and live!!.. We are just sorting out some more gigs to allow us to promote the c.d. and also maybe a little friendly cd launch. ( I say "Launch" which is a little pretentious sounding....but, none the less...that's what it is!)

In the meantime, I'm now booked to go back into David's studio to start work on "Acoustic Sessions # 3"-this may seem a bit over eager on my part, but we have a lot of good songs ready to go, so I'm trying to catch up, get 'em done, and move on with my life. This looks like it'll be a 6 song e.p........yes, you heard that right....6 songs. We're Crazy, right?? Also, Kelly is currently working on her mandolin playing, Piano playing, and using a vocal loop unit, and we are also collaborating on new material too, and working on a few jokes to tell for while I have to tune up in between songs.

Hope everyone is well and having a fab time....we have a couple of gigs coming up shortly with our lovely and talented friends Honey and the Bear......and Mr Keith Sadler, and these are always great fun. see you on our travels.

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