Walkin' Away (Away)

Hello July 2018. Well, Kelly and I finally released our 1 st album proper, and had a wonderful cd launch night at the beautiful Froize restaurant in Chillesford with a full band- me and Kelly plus David Booth of course, Jonathan Evans joined us on Cello, Kilbey on bass and Mat Bayfield on vocals. We had Fern Teather doing the sound for us, and a lovely job too-she seems to have become our “go to” sound person now!!! Big thank u to all of you who ventured out to the gig and we hope that you like the c.d. We were talking about this last week though-we write the songs as best as we can until we’re happy with them, then we arrange and record them and bring in the musicians we want to play o

Kev Walford + Kelly Pritchard (Bayfield) New Album (at bloody last!!!) "W a l k i n' "

May 2018: where does the time go!!???? Last weekend Kelly and I played at the Riverside Theatre in Woodbridge to a packed house-together with the mighty voiced Jess Simmons, our good friends Fern Teather and Sam Thurlow, and Bayfield Booth. It was a packed house of course, because Mat Bayfield was making a welcome return to the stage after a lengthy absence due to ill health. However, he’s now back, and creative and fighting fit which is really cool…but David Booth and Mat have been working hard the last few months and putting together a set that they can now start to gig around the area (Kelly and me and Kilbey helped with backing vocals and guitars too-and we had such a memorable night!

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